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My news Letter


About Barbara Robertson

    I have been a public school teacher for many years, first in grades 1 through 3, later grades 6 through 12. The later years have been in an alternative school program. I love working with young people. These days I am working fewer hours so that I may enjoy and create my jewelry. I love making jewelry, period! How I got into jewelry creating. Several years ago I developed some educational materials, my company name is Creative Learning Stations.

    I would attend educator conferences promoting my learning stations but began bringing along some beaded jewelry items to help defray the cost of the booth and missing a day at school. That evolved into attending craft shows with my jewelry. It seems there are "millions" of people making beaded jewelry so I sent for a kit of PMC Clay and was hooked. I then began purchasing stones, cabochons, to make into pendants with the silver clay. I then learned from a stone cutter that I should learn the art of shaping my own stones, learn the feel of the stone. I acquired the lapidary equipment and with his tutoring I am forming raw stones for use in my jewelry.

     Life is an ongoing journey with jewelry making and learning the secrets of stones and gems. I have a studio art degree but never used my past knowledge other that home projects. As time marched on and with the encouragement from friends I have found my niche with metal clay. Nowadays I am having the time of my life creating jewelry, forming stones and attending craft shows. Life, for me, has been an ongoing process. So now the web site is evolving. I learn from and get new ideas from so many of my customers. Write me, if you care to, even suggest an idea. I'll write you back.

Take Care, Barbara